EN - CONNWE is a clothing brand that aims to bring together people passionate about festivals and electronic music.The brand transmits connection with music and gives the public self-esteem, confidence and recognition in the environment in which they live, enhancing the relationship of its customers with electronic music, offering high quality products and making its audience feel the vibe of this musical style.

Modern - cultural - digital - vibrant - minimalist - futuristic

EN - For the solution, we developed a symbol with wavy shapes that represent music, vibration, dance and connection. A symbol that guarantees good applicability on any surface and that will be easily remembered by the public. From the symbol, other elements were created that will help to propagate a visual system in a flexible way.

EN - The simplest way to represent music visually is through sound waves.
To be more precise, the symbol represents two "KICKS". This is the element that in a four-beat sequence differentiates electronic music from other genres. It is possible to find the same reference in the typography; in this way, the concept is present in all brand communication.

EN - Black is mostly used in electronic music culture. She represents the feeling of feeling a vibration with your eyes closed, she is the imagination and also the dark atmosphere of the festival night. The vibrant blue and orange is a combination that guarantees a futuristic, happy and youthful appearance, neither cold nor hot, but a balance of energies.

We've developed something that can be collectible like: brooches and stickers, as these elements are a way to generate connection and involvement with customers. Elements can be used in physical and digital media.
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