Project nominated for Best Design
Awards by Design Rush.

EN. Diana and Helena VALLCI are jewelers, they produce and develop jewelry with great care.They found in metals a way of expressing their designs and creations, giving life and transforming silver and crystals into meaningful pieces, materializing ideas and building stories. 

VALLCI's inspiration comes from the small nature of your city: geometric shapes, flowers and drawings in architecture, they are the focus of your research. Jewels are produced based on the dreams and ideas of everyone who wants an accessory as an adornment for beautify or an amolet to bring good energy.

PT. Fui solicitado pelas irmãs para criar uma marca alinhada com seus propósitos e suas inspirações.
A ideia para o projeto foi criar uma Identidade Visual com aspectos humanos, já que as jóias são feitas a partir das histórias e dos sonhos das pessoas.

EN. The sisters asked me to create a brand according to their purposes and inspirations.
The idea of ​​the project was to create a visual identity with human aspects, as the jewels are made from people's stories and dreams

EN. The icon are two branches that represent the brotherhood (leaves of the same tree) and Brazilian tropicalism.
The typography was made with geometric and hard shapes that resemble the architecture and strength of the crystals, with the fine contrast that refers to the simplicity and delicacy of the plants.
Human characteristics applied to the brand look: creative inspiring elegant delicate sensitive calm romantic open mind quiet trustworthy different artistic free simple.

T H A N K   Y O U ! 
F o l l o w   m e   i n s t a g r a m

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